Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Column in Skeptical Briefs

Trying to publish the interviews I had done in magazines of scientific disclosure, Benjamin Radford invited me to be a regular columnist of Skeptical Briefs newsletter.

Skeptical Brifes is published four times a year to the Associate Member of Committee of Skeptical Inquiry, a skeptic organization dedicated to promote skepticism and science. This organization also publishes the famous skeptical magazine Skeptical Inquirer.

My first column was the interview I had done with evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne (available here). He posted about it on his site, as the images below shows.

It's interesting to see that Coyne said was prepared for the interview: "... Brazilian writer Felipe Nogueira who was clearly well read about my stuff". 

One reader of Coyne's website said the questions were great, especially the question "Mayr vs Dawkins"