Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cover Story on Skeptic Magazine

by Felipe Nogueira

Skeptic magazine is published by The Skeptics Society, an organization focused on the promotion of science, skepticism and critical thinking and are direct by psychologist Michael Shermer.

Skeptic magazine deals with "extraordinary claims, revolutionary ideas and the promotion of science."

The cover story of the most recent issue (vol. 20 n.2) is the interview about drugs and dependence I did with neuropsychopharmacologist Carl Hart. The cover is bellow:

 Other interesting topics on this issue:
  • Eight Myths of Child Development; 
  • How to Make Young Kids Smarter;
  • Why Near-Death Experiences Vary So Much; 
  • What Does “Supernatural” Mean, Anyway?; 
  • A Psychologist’s Innumeracy: A Guide to Recognizing Pseudo-Mathematics in the Social Sciences; 
  • The Diet-Heart Hypothesis: The Contested Roles of Fats and Carbohydrates in Heart Disease;
UPDATE: the original article published in Skeptic is also available online here