Sunday, September 29, 2013

About the blog

by Felipe Nogueira 

As the title of the blog suggests, my objective with it is popularizing science and skepticism. Actually, I already had a blog written in portuguese with the same objective, for brazilian readers. As I often say, science and skepticism promoting here in Brazil is very weak. For example, online articles and books are constantly written by several scientists, like the evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins and Jerry Coyne, the theoretical physicists Lawrence Krauss and Sean Carroll, the psychologists Steven Pinker and Michael Shermer, and the medical doctors Edzard Ernst and Paul Offit, just to name a few.  But, unfortunately, only a few of this books had been translated to portuguese and english language is still a barrier for brazilian people. 

So, in 2012, I decided to open a blog for brazilian people. I had written few articles myself. But, since several topics had been very well covered by others in online articles, some of my posts are translations, authorized by its autors, keeping all the credits and with the source to the original article. 

At this moment, I have the need to publish some things in english for the following reasons. I had contacted some of this scientists and authors and I plan to contact others, so now they could know what I am doing. Second, part of what I am doing can help promoting science not only in Brazil.

Just to keep things more organized, I created this blog for english texts only. In the other one, I will continue to translate and writing in portuguese.
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  1. Nice work you have done here. Lay all the Science on this world. Brazil is really laging behind. I am going to share the portuguese texts whenever I find an opportunity.

    1. Thank you! Please, share!
      The blog in portuguese is at:
      Probably the most recent and relevant contribution was the interview I made with Carl Hart. The interview was the cover article of one issue of Skeptic magazine (vol 20 n.2)
      Thank you one more time for the nice comment!

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